What to Bring…

Downloadable PDF- What to bring checklist


We suggest comfortable clothing, suitable for sport. T-shirts, jumper / hoodie, tracksuit bottoms, leggings or shorts. Please think about the weather, you may need a coat, gloves and a hat or you may need sun cream and a sunhat! (We are outdoors as often as possible).

We ask that trainers are worn; sandals or boots are not suitable for sport. (Football boots are not required).

You may want to pack spare clothes in case of any accidents.

No Jewellery (Please!)

Food and Drink:

Please provide your child with a large packed lunch, and extra snacks (it’s a long day of activities, kids will need refueling!)

Please also provide a refillable water bottle.

What they won’t need!

Please don’t send your child to camp with expensive or precious items! While bringing a familiar toy from home may be useful to settle a nervous child, please don’t bring their favourite toy – it may get lost or grubby during it’s day on camp!

All specialist sporting equipment is provided, so there is no need to bring tennis racquets or footballs to camp.

Electronic items such as iPads, and mobile phones MUST NOT be used at camp – the children will be kept busy and entertained and there is no time when they will need to use them throughout their day at camp. If you feel it is necessary for your child to have a phone during the camp day then it must be given to the camp co-ordinator for safe keeping and will be returned to your child at 4pm. This is to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all children on camp.

We may have themed days on camp (such as Wacky Wednesday), where the children can dress up. We will send out information on the camp themes and any fancy dress days before the camp start. Do not feel that you have to go out and buy things for these days, we will keep them simple to save late trips to the shops!