All About SportNE...

SportNE is an activity camp, for children aged 4-12-years, based at Dame Allan's Junior School. We offer the chance for children to learn new skills, try new activities and make friends, through our structured sessions focusing on our core values! Our camp provides a wide range of activities, each planned to give children the opportunity to learn and develop sport and movement skills. All of our sessions are based around coached practices in a fun environment, with added challenges and competitions throughout the week.

While we do provide high energy sporting activities, SportNE is about so much more than just sport!

At SportNE we pride ourselves on how much children enjoy their experience at camp. We offer a great range of activities and we are always open to adding more variation, providing your child with a unique experience that can often be tailored to meet their individual needs.

Each day will contain a mixture of high-action sporting activities, arts and crafts, quizzes, free-play and team building activities, with scope for children to improvise, learn new skills and make new friends.

Our staff are specially selected – with unique skills and experiences, allowing the best provision possible.  All of our staff exude enthusiasm and are fully committed to ensuring that your child has the best possible time on camp – in a safe, structured environment.

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A Day At Camp

From arriving in the morning to getting picked up at hometime, if you want to know what your little one will be doing, here's where to look!

What To Bring?

Not sure what to pack? Think you might have forgotten something? Check out or list off what to bring (and what not to bring)!


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