What To Bring

And what not to bring!

What to bring? 

Please label all items with your child's name!


We suggest comfortable clothing, suitable for sport. Please think about the weather, you may need a coat and wellies or you may need suncream and a sunhat! (We are outdoors as often as possible).

Please wear trainers; even if your little one loves their princess sandals - they are not ideal for sport!

We recommend bringing a spare set of clothes in case of any accidents.

Food and Drink:

Please provide your child with a large packed lunch, and extra snacks (it’s a long day of activities, kids will need refueling!)

Please also provide a refillable water bottle.

Please ensure all food brought into the building is nut-free.

What they won’t need!

Please don’t send your child with expensive or precious items. While bringing a familiar toy from home may be useful to settle a nervous child, please don’t bring their favourite toy – it could get lost or grubby during its day on camp!

Electronic items such as iPads, and mobile phones must not be used at camp – children will be kept busy and entertained throughout their day at camp.

Trading cards are not allowed at camp, we've seen far too many tears over 'swaps gone wrong' or 'no takebacks'.


"Coaches are extremely friendly and welcoming every day. My son felt excited to go to camp every week."