Our Activities

Activities at SportNE…

 At SportNE we have a wide variety of activities for children to do. These activities vary in difficulty and intensity depending on the groups age and ability. For example, if your child is aged 9+, their day will likely consist of 4 sport activities, where as if your child is aged 4-5 they will have a mix of crafts, sports and free-play, as a full day of sport can be too tiring for our younger children. 
The SportNE Team all agree, that the main goal on camp is to keep all children safe and happy, so we often plan our days activities based around what we know the children enjoy and are eager to do.
Some of our activities are;
Aerobics            Arts and Crafts          Athletics          Badminton   
Ball Skills          Basketball          Bench ball          Cricket         
Dodgeball          Football         Game Design        Handball         
Hockey          Netball          Orienteering          Obstacle Course         
Quiz          Parachute Games          Rounders
Team Building Games          Tennis           Volleyball          Yoga