Will my child need a packed lunch?
 Yes! It is a long day on camp for the children, so please pack more than 1 drink in a resealable bottle alongside a main pack lunch and 2 snacks for break times.


What should my child wear? 
 Comfortable sports clothes and appropriate footwear. Have a look at our ‘what to bring’ checklist for more info


 Will my child be in the same group as his/ her friends?
 Our groups are set based on the age of the child, however, when friends are of a similar age we have some flexibility to keep friends together. There are activities where we used mixed teams and whole group sessions.


 When will I receive confirmation of my place?
 If you book online, confirmation will be sent out immediately as a payment confirmation. All the information you need regarding the camp is available online. if you have any further queries do not hesitate to contact us!


 What sports/ activities will my child be taking part in?
 The camp week includes 30+ activities. See our Activity list for more info