Children’s Reviews of the Holiday Camps

We have invited the children on camp to write a review of their time with SportNE – because no-one knows better than the children themselves how much fun they have had! If you or your child would like to write a review of your SportNE Camp experience we would love to hear from you! Send your review to [email protected]


Ria Barber - Dame Allan's School Easter Camp Reviewer        Dame Allan’s School Easter Camp 2013 – by Ria Barber, Year 6
Today at sports camp we hung off monkey bars and balanced off beams, we also got out the mats to do cartwheels and all sorts of rolls. I played table tennis against a teacher! Furthermore, I really enjoyed drawing around people on a huge piece of card then we painted it to make them tennis or football players.
I also love the fact that it is in my school, as I know where everything is.
I always thought a good camp needs a good leader and this one does! They even join in with the activities like basketball and dodgeball. There is just the right amount of breaks and after all the sports at the end we watch a movie before we get picked up.


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